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My story is not my story. It’s our story.  

Like many Kansans, I understand what it means to fight with grit. I grew up in poverty, was homeless, survived domestic violence, and beat cancer. I attended college as a single mother, and I share the heart of every parent who advocates for a child with mental illness. 

While I may have been born in New York and raised in Puerto Rico, I chose to raise my family in Kansas. When I moved to Topeka in 2005 after completing my degree at Wichita State University, I was inspired to serve. I held jobs teaching financial literacy and building homes for families at Habitat for Humanity. I never intended to get involved in politics, but after advocating for downtown redevelopment, community leaders encouraged me to run for City Council. My daughters inspired me to show them they could achieve anything they set their mind to. Through hard work and determination, we won. A few years later, I was elected mayor of the capital city. 

I learned the true meaning of hard work from watching my grandfather, Mima, work all night at a factory and then come home to take care of me. Mima taught me how to stand up for family. Now, Kansas is my family.

Why am I running?

I’m running to represent the people of the Second Congressional District of Kansas because the rich and diverse individuals that make Kansas a wonderful place to raise a family are being threatened by division of all kinds. We must work to bring Kansans together. I support policies that move beyond political party lines. I will advocate to ensure that every Kansan has access to quality healthcare, meaningful jobs to support their families, a decent place to live, access to quality education, and the roads and bridges needed to move everyone— including our rural communities—safely across our state. 


Public service is not about politics—it’s about people. When I look at a map of the 2nd Congressional District, I don’t see red and blue counties, I see friends and neighbors. I see teachers, pastors, and farmers. I see our children. I see all of us. Our families deserve an advocate who understands the challenges Kansans face.  I am the only candidate who has personally wrestled with these issues, and I have learned that I can use my story to help others overcome their circumstances. I have spent my entire career serving Kansas families. I won’t stand by and watch us struggle any longer. 


Will you join me in standing up for a stronger Kansas?

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Thank you for considering a donation to my campaign. As a candidate endorsed by End Citizens United, I am not only humbled by their endorsement, but committed along with ECU, to campaign contribution reform, grassroots fundraising and being solely funded by individuals. Your donation is very appreciated!


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