Agriculture is our state’s largest industry and economic driver. In Congress, I will advocate for sustainable economic, social, and environmental solutions that will support farmers, food processors, and manufacturers. We must continue to meet the world’s need for food without compromising the ability of future generations to farm and meet the needs of their communities. I will bring Farmers, the real experts, together to find solutions to the complex agricultural issues facing the Second Congressional District.

Farm Bill Relief

While the Farm Bill provided short-term relief to some of our farmers, these payments are not a sustainable, long-term solution to our challenges. One-third of Kansas farms don’t qualify for any assistance at all under the current legislation, and many who do qualify are still not getting what they need. As your Congresswoman, I will work with fellow legislators to find ways to improve the Farm Bill, and make more assistance available to small farms.

Trade and Market Development

The recent tariffs and trade war with China left Kansas farmers with thousands of tons of corn, grain, and other crops rotting in fields. Prices for corn, cattle, and soybeans aren’t as strong as farmers and ranchers need them to be. Now, the coronavirus has added another tremendous challenge to our entire economy, including our trading capabilities. Kansas must invest in developing a diverse portfolio so that our crops and cattle can be profitably sold to cooperative countries around the world. 

Investment in Industrial Hemp

Kansas has an opportunity to become a leading producer of industrial hemp in the United States. Investing in this crop can result in a large boost to our agricultural industry, and Kansas should capitalize on this opportunity to be innovative in our crop production. I will advocate for smart federal banking regulations to allow farmers, processors, and distributors in Kansas to thrive in this growing industry.


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