We need to improve our infrastructure. Addressing our infrastructure obstacles will not only bring us closer to solving our economic mobility challenges, it will make both our urban and rural communities stronger. Nothing is more important than bolstering our economy while building up our communities.

Before COVID-19, I travelled across our district often, I have heard from many rural Kansans who are concerned about our damaged roads, crumbling bridges, and failing water systems. These failures affect our personal finances, our time and our family’s health and well-being. Improvements to our electricity grids, broadband, and transportation systems are long overdue, and I will work across party lines to finally invest in a meaningful rural infrastructure package.


Investing in our Highways

As a Congresswoman, I will support long-term infrastructure planning and investment. We know the strategies that will make our communities more efficient and resilient – it’s time to fund and implement them. The Highway Trust Fund as it stands now is not enough. I will work across the aisle to identify alternative methods to invest responsibly in our nation’s highways.


Access to Rural Broadband

Access to high-speed internet is vital to a healthy and prosperous economy. Successful entrepreneurship depends upon reliable internet access, and right now, too many of our businesses are falling behind or are unable to grow due to lack of access to strong, reliable broadband. Expanding broadband means expanded access to virtual healthcare, online education programs, and working from home. We must prioritize high-speed internet expansion in rural Kansas, and I am eager to find creative solutions that will improve our outreach in the 2nd Congressional District.


Investing in Energy Storage

Kansas is a leader in wind energy, 41% of our state’s electricity is generated by wind power and it’s time to take that leadership to Washington. We have the space and we have the manpower to generate bountiful clean energy, but storing the energy for wider distribution continues to present a challenge. It is time for our nation to invest in energy production leaders like Kansas, which would not only create good jobs, but also lessen our reliance on foreign countries. I look forward to working with other members of Congress on investing in the research and development needed to make it happen, so that our country can benefit from Kansas’ energy production. 


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