Laura Kelly, Governor of Kansas

“Michelle De La Isla has shown terrific leadership in Topeka. Her commitment to working across the aisle has been the driving force behind her management during this unprecedented health crisis. Congress needs more mayors like Michelle, and her proven track record of problem-solving and finding solutions for her constituents.”


Kathleen Sebelius, former Governor of Kansas and Sec. of Health and Human Services

“Michelle is exactly the right person at the right time. I’m delighted to have a candidate of this kind of caliber of intellect, compassion, competence, and experience, and I can’t wait until she’s elected to be our member of Congress in the 2nd District.”

Nancy Boyda, former Congresswoman for KS-02

“Michelle gets it. She understands working families and community. She understands how important decency and trust are. Most importantly, she doesn’t live in an ideological ivory tower then use taxpayer money to buy votes, like her opponent has repeatedly done. Michelle gets it…and we need to get her elected!”


Joan Wagnon, former Mayor of Topeka and Kansas House of Representatives

“Michelle’s ready to go to Congress—she knows the issues and she has the heart to take care of the people in the Second District.”

Paul Davis, former Kansas House of Representatives and KS-02 Candidate

“Michelle brings a really unique background and a unique skill set that I think is exactly what the United States Congress needs right now. She is somebody who knows how to listen to the people she represents and be a voice for them. She’s also a problem solver, too. You can’t be a successful mayor without knowing how to work with a variety of people, and to find solutions.”


Elaine Schwartz, former Topeka City Council and Kansas House of Representatives

“Michelle and I served together on the Topeka City Council for five years, before she became Mayor.  I got to know Michelle as a person who’s interested in doing what is right for the citizens she serves, not partisan politics. As a Republican, I endorse Mayor De Le Isla’s campaign to be our our Congresswoman.  Michelle has done remarkably in bringing everyone together to create new jobs, help those in need, educate our children, and bring growth to our community.  She’s handled the pandemic professionally and respectably for young and old.  She will do the same in Washington, DC!”

Ryan Reza, President of Kansas Young Democrats

“Michelle is the type of person that Kansans need in congress, because she understands what the regular person needs as their representative. Michelle has worked her entire life to better those around her, and I am proud and ready to support her campaign for KS-02.”


EMILY’s List, Stephanie Schriock, President

“Michelle De La Isla is a proven champion for women and working families who understands firsthand the challenges that Kansans face and EMILY’s List is proud to endorse her campaign. A single mother who overcame homelessness and survived domestic violence, Michelle has dedicated her career to empowering marginalized communities. As mayor of Topeka, she puts people before politics, and now she is fighting to do the same in Congress.”

Tiffany Muller, President of End Citizens United and Let America Vote

“As a former Topeka City Council Member myself, I know firsthand that Kansas families need leadership that will put their needs before corporate special interests. From her time on City Council to serving as Topeka’s mayor, Michelle De La Isla has dedicated her career to public service and fighting on behalf of Kansas families. By rejecting corporate PAC donations, Michelle is demonstrating that she’ll stand up to Big Money special interests and root out corruption in Washington. We’re proud to endorse Michelle De La Isla, and we look forward to helping her win.”


Tiernan Sittenfeld, LCV Action Fund Senior Vice President of Government Affairs

“We are thrilled to endorse Michelle De La Isla for Congress because we know she will fight for climate action. Communities in Kansas’ Second district deserve a representative who will invest in their clean energy future and fight to protect our environment.”

Mayra Macías, Latino Victory Fund Executive Director

“De La Isla’s life story is more than an inspiration for us all; it’s a blueprint that she used as a city council member and as mayor to bring forth solutions. Kansas’ 2nd Congressional District will have a steadfast fighter in Congress…whose dedication to the day-to-day needs of our families will be a top priority.”


All Endorsers

  • Kansas National Education Association - recommended candidate
  • Moms Demand Action - gun sense candidate
  • EMILYs List
  • Latino Victory Fund
  • End Citizens United
  • United Steel Workers District 11
  • Elect Democratic Women
  • League of Conservation Voters
  • Win Big Project
  • Moms In Office
  • Win The Era
  • IBEW Local No. 226 (NEKB&CT)
  • SMART Local No. 2 (NEKB&CT)
  • Equality PAC
  • NCEC - National Committee for an Effective Congress
  • Road Pipe Fitters Union 669
  • Kansas Sierra Club
  • BradyUnited
  • Kansas AFL-CIO