I know firsthand what it’s like to fight serious illness without health insurance or access to quality medical care. I will never forget the crippling anxiety I felt each day when I opened the mail. It took me ten years to pay off my medical bills. We must do better for our families.


Access to Affordable Healthcare

Ensuring every Kansan has access to affordable healthcare is one of the most important reasons I’m running for Congress. Everyone should receive quality healthcare without struggling to pay the bills. The best way to achieve equal access to healthcare is to enhance the Affordable Care Act while allowing the health insurance industry to continue to provide private options. Every person should be free to choose between a fortified public option, or private, employer, or union - funded coverage – including those under age 65, and individuals with pre-existing conditions.


Funding Medicaid Expansion

Currently 150,000 Kansans fall through the gaps in our health insurance system. That is unacceptable. Kansas is one of 14 states that have failed to utilize the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid Expansion. My top priority is to ensure federal dollars are available to provide health insurance to everyone who needs it.


Lowering Prescription Drug Prices

The price of prescription medications increases each year and many Kansans can no longer afford their medications under current health plans. We must empower the federal government to negotiate lower prescription drug prices under Medicare Part D so that medication prices become more affordable for all. 


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