Energy & Environment

The United States has an opportunity to lead the world in investment in clean, renewable, and sustainable energy sources that will create quality-paying jobs in the energy and environmental sectors. We must tackle climate change head-on so that we can drastically reduce fossil fuel emissions and work with global partners to avoid the most negative potential environmental outcomes. As your Congresswoman, any policies concerning energy production and sustainability will be made with the economy, environment, and future generations in mind.

Energy Growth & Production

One of the many ways in which we can spark new economic development and job growth is through policies that move us towards renewable energies. Our state’s largest single energy source for electricity is coal, but at the same time, Kansas recently ranked among the top five states in total wind energy generation. We should continue to produce domestic energy that is renewable, responsible, and clean.

Environmental Stability for Farmers

In Kansas, any conversation about the environment needs to include sustainable agricultural solutions for our farmers. More than ever before, Congress must find ways to promote soil health, minimize water use, and lower pollution levels, while never forgetting the people employed in food production and processing. We must continue to meet the world’s need for food with regulations that protect our environment and our people without compromising future generations’ ability to farm and meet their own needs.

Climate Change

I accept the science of climate change, and I will fight for policies that address this extraordinary threat directly and efficiently. The time for denial and delay has long passed. I will work alongside experts, scientists, environmentalists, and economists to develop long-term solutions that will decrease carbon emissions and restore environmental protections while creating new jobs in clean energy so that we provide a bountiful Earth for future generations to thrive.