Our senior citizens worked hard for decades to make our economy strong. They should be enjoying precious time with their loved ones, not worrying about program cuts, crippling medical debt, and prescription drug costs. Our seniors deserve better.

Preserving Social Security

Our federal social security program was designed to help seniors maintain their home and livelihoods during retirement. Our senior citizens have dutifully paid into Social Security with the promise that those funds would be there to support them when they reach age 65, or in the unfortunate event of losing a spouse. I intend to keep our promise, and will protect Social Security so that it remains fully funded for decades to come.

Supporting Medicare and Medicaid

Many seniors rely on reduced healthcare costs from Medicare and Medicaid programs to treat chronic medical conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Budget shortfalls should never be solved by cutting our Medicare and Medicaid programs that provide vital medical benefits to our seniors. I will fight to ensure that Medicare funding remains strong, and that federal funds are still available to Kansans when our state legislature finally passes Medicaid expansion. I also support lowering the Medicare eligibility age to 60, so that more of our citizens have access to affordable healthcare before preventable illnesses become chronic and unmanageable.

Negotiating Lower Prescription Drug Costs

The price of prescription medications increases each year, and many seniors struggle to afford their medications, even after Medicare and private health insurance covers a portion of the bill. Right now the federal government is not allowed to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies to lower drug prices for Medicare beneficiaries, only for Veterans. That policy hurts Kansas seniors. I will advocate to empower our government to negotiate lower prescription drug prices under Medicare Part D so that life saving medication becomes more affordable for all.