Minute With Michelle 07.07.20

When I saw the article on the Fullest Look Yet at the Racial Inequity of the Coronavirus in the New York Times on Sunday, I was reminded once again of why I’m running to represent the Second Congressional District. Many of the most important issues impacting our daily lives must be tackled on the federal level.

Over the past few months I’ve listened to so many of your personal stories. Many of you have been impacted by COVID-19. I’ve learned firsthand the importance of balancing how we support the economy while keeping Kansas communities safe.

I’ve also learned that listening to the data is critical to effective decision-making. I’m looking forward to bringing this practical approach to DC.

ICYMI: The DCCC believes in this campaign. With the primary just one month away, it’s time to #StandUpKS and volunteer! Get started by sharing this note and sign up to volunteer here.

Volunteer Spotlight: Avery Temple-Bowie!
Avery has been an incredibly enthusiastic and active volunteer for Team Michelle. He was present at our very first volunteer meeting six months ago and has been a dedicated volunteer ever since! Avery brings energy to everything he does on the campaign, from putting together mailers to brainstorming amazing ideas with the team. Thanks Avery!

More next week!

- Michelle