Minute With Michelle 07.28.20


On Sunday, we began the 100 day countdown until Election Day. While there have been, and will be, many milestones on this campaign, this week’s update is focused on how you can help in the days ahead.

100 days. Nearly 15 weeks.
And just 14 Saturdays for phone banking! These are the days that matter most.

#StandUpShoutOut We’re marking 100 days by celebrating our volunteers - from Shawnee County to Crawford County. Do you know a leader in KS-02 that deserves a shout out? If so, please let us know!

Sharing our stories is one small way that we can inspire one another on this journey.

Nominate yourself, or someone you know, here:

Request your ballot. Today is the last day to request an advance ballot by mail. What are you waiting for? Here’s the link!

Vote - and then tell your network about it!
My awesome digital team created a new Facebook frame so you can tell your network that you voted. I hope you’ll take this opportunity to inspire others to get engaged in this important election.

Here’s how to add the frame to your profile picture:

  • Go to your profile & tap the camera icon by your image. 2. Then tap “add frame.”
  • Search for: “Michelle Mail Vote” or “#StandUpKS”
  • Facebook will preview the frame for you and then you can select how long you want to keep it!
  • Tap “Save” and you’re done!

Help us phone bank. From Zoom event invitations to requesting donations, there’s plenty of reasons to phone bank. Every Saturday, volunteers across KS-02 get on the phone and call fellow Kansans. Can you join us for an hour or two? Fill out this short form to get started!
Volunteer Spotlight: Joe and Vicki Douglas!

Volunteer Spotlight: Joe & Vicki Douglas!
Joe and Vicki were in for a treat during their first campaign volunteer experience! On short notice, they drove over an hour to Paola to participate in the Miami County Parade. Even though it was fairly hot and humid, they both were troopers - waiving at the crowd and proudly holding Michelle for Kansas signs. We are so grateful for Joe and Vicki and their commitment to #StandUpKS!

Signing off for tonight. Tomorrow, we’ll get up and do it again - with just 97 days to flip KS-02. Join us!
Michelle for Kansas