Minute With Michelle 09/01/20


“It is important that all of you understand that this year, more than ever, you get fired up and get ready to go. Because we are fighting for the soul of the nation.”
Michelle for Kansas

This was the closing quote in an article earlier this month in the Ottawa Herald. I said it during a virtual event with the Kansas delegation of the Democratic National Convention.

Tonight I’m sharing it again because I mean it. I’m fired up and ready to serve the Second Congressional District.

2020 may have brought us new challenges and new concerns– but 2020 has also reminded us about what’s important.

That includes Kansans’ ability to get together, online or in-person, to talk about the issues we care about. And while I can’t knock on your door right now, I’m doing everything I can to connect with Kansans all across KS-02.

That’s also why I’m looking forward to the campaign events that we have planned this weekend.

On Friday night, I’ll be hosting a campaign rally at the Atchison Farmers’ Market from 6-8 PM. If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll stop by and join the conversation.

On Saturday morning, I’m hosting a Zoom & A for Kids! There’s nothing like the honesty and curiosity of children – I can’t wait! This event is designed for kids. It’s absolutely fine if they ask me about my favorite superhero or bring snacks to our video chat.

Visit this link to learn more about these events:

If we’re going to win this campaign, we’re going to need to continue reaching beyond our current volunteers and supporters. Please share these events with your networks and send me a message if you have an event suggestion.

Together, we can #StandUpKS and fight for the soul of the nation.