Minute With Michelle 09/09/20

Hello everyone! I have just a couple of updates this week.

It’s hard to believe it is already Thursday and we’re ramping up for a busy weekend. I hope you’ll join us (details below)!

Thanks for joining me at the “Zoom & A!”
Thanks to all of the parents and little ones who joined me on Saturday morning for a very memorable “Ask Me Anything” Zoom conversation! I hope our chat helped bring the democratic process to life for every child on the call. I will carry their curiosity and enthusiasm with me in the days and weeks ahead!

Campaign SWAG Available Now
I’m just going to drop this fun update right here….t-shirts and bumper stickers have arrived! If you get something, comment on this note and let me know what you ordered!

Weekend of Action Starts in 48 Hours!
If you haven’t heard about this weekend, here’s the info! We’re hosting our second “Weekend of Action” where we fill up the phones and talk to voters across the District. This weekend, a team of volunteers will be giving us a hand in KS-02! The coordinated campaign has already made 40,000 dials so far - thank you to all who have contributed!

Here’s the links to sign-up:

Volunteer Spotlight: Ryan Pickman!
I also wanted to take a moment tonight to thank Ryan for his leadership in organizing two amazing campaign events in Atchison. Most recently, Ryan organized an outdoor rally at the Farmer’s Market Square, where over 50 people came out and asked questions. Thank you Ryan for bringing water and making sure that everyone had a mask to stay safe. You represent what this campaign is all about - taking care of people. Thank you for being a part of this team!

Okay, don’t forget to comment on this post if you order some campaign swag! As always, thanks for your support! Keep in touch! —Michelle for Kansas