Minute with Michelle 09/16/20

Last week, in the Topeka Capital-Journal, Bob Beatty highlighted my recent video series that focused on virtual door knocking.

“In the 2nd District, candidate Michelle De La Isla has made a unique series of videos, in which she walks up to a house door, knocks and the point of view changes to the person answering the door. De La Isla then takes off her mask, introduces herself, and says, “I would love to knock on your door, but we’re coming to you virtually.”
–Bob Beatty, 9/9/11

While I’m proud of each and every one of these videos, there is something to be said for viewing them all together. These videos provide an introduction to who I am and why I’m choosing to stand up for Kansas’ Second Congressional District.

So today, I’m sharing all six of them below. Please share this Note to your Facebook page and encourage your network to watch them.

While a lot has changed about campaigning and elections during COVID-19, the need to be an informed voter remains strong! So please share, and stay informed!

1. My Story

2. Learn More About Me

3. I’m Here to Listen

4. Republican? No Problem!

5. My Policies

6. How to Volunteer

I know with everything going on, it can be hard to believe that the election is less than two months away. But it’s true! That’s why it’s critical that we find innovative ways to reach voters in KS-02.

These virtual door knocking videos are one way that my campaign is gaining momentum in these final weeks.

If you haven’t joined the team yet, we invite you to get started! Here’s the link to join us!

Michelle for Kansas