Minute With Michelle 10/1/20

Friends, I’m asking for your help tonight.It’s a small thing, but if we all take a moment to do it, we could increase voter turnout.

Will you check with five people in your life to see if they’ve requested an advance ballot?

Whether it’s a friend or family member, a colleague or a neighbor, I hope you’ll check to see if they have a plan to participate in this election.

If not, this link makes it easy: we each check on five friends, our impact will truly be exponential. It will take every one of us mobilizing our network to win this election.

If you get done with that task and you’re still looking for ways to #StandUpKS, here’s a couple more links to get you started:1) Have you ordered your swag yet?

Team Michelle gear available here: Have an idea for a campaign stop?

Share your ideas for a visit at the following link: Want to know more about where I stand?

Read more about the issues I care about here: before you click the links above, I hope you’ll seriously consider reaching out to five people in your life to see if they’ve requested their advance ballots.

This small act, when combined with all of the volunteer efforts, could make a big impact. And that’s what this is all about. Thank you for helping me mobilize KS-02 in this important election. —Michelle for Kansas